Saturday, September 1, 2007

Sound Ideas The Series 6000 Sound Effect Library

40 CD | 7456 Sfx | 4.7 Gb | RS | Mp3 | Stereo


Recognized all over the world as the most comprehensive sound effect library of its kind, Series 6000 represents the very best in general sound effect libraries. This staggering 40 CD collection of more than 7,500 royalty free sound effects (more than 50 hours of recorded sound), reigns supreme as the industry leader in professional audio - you simply cannot get a broader selection or more detailed coverage of the must-have categories required for daily production. Simply put, The General is the standard against which all other sound effect products are measured.

The General is our signature library. It offers a broad spectrum of sound clips - including Animals & Birds, Construction, Crowds, Fire, Household, Industry, Military, Office, Sports, Transportation, Weather, and much, much more. The collection also includes long ambience tracks from around the world, Foley sounds, and some truly spectacular audio from four award-winning sound designers.

Winner of the prestigious Game Developer Hall of Fame Award, The General Series 6000 is the sound effect library that you will return to .... again and again. When you need the ultimate in general sound effect libraries, you need The General.

40 CD | 7456 Sfx | 4.7 Gb | RS | Mp3 | Stereo


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