Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Cult - Rare Cult (Box Set)

Disc: 1
1. Ghost Dance [Radio Session]
2. Bad Medicine Waltz [Radio Edit]
3. Resurrection Joe [Radio Session]
4. Go West [Crazy Spinning Circles]
5. Bone Bag
6. Sea and Sky
7. She Sells Sanctuary
8. No. 13
9. Snake
10. (Here Comes The) Rain
11. Little Face
12. Spiritwalker [Radio Session]
13. Revolution [Radio Session]
14. All Souls Avenue [Radio Session]
15. Big Neon Glitter

Disc: 2
1. Revolution [Full Length Remix]
2. Judith
3. Sunrise
4. All Souls Avenue
5. Electric Ocean [Original Version]
6. Go Go Guru [Original Version]
7. Love Removal Machine [Radio Session]
8. Conquistador [Radio Session]
9. King Contrary Man [Radio Session]
10. Electric Ocean
11. Zap City [Demo Version]
12. Love Trooper [Demo Version]
13. Progresso [Backing Track Demo]
14. Peace Dog
15. Oink [Version One]
16. Waltz [Backing Track Demo]
17. Groove Co. [Demo Version]

Disc: 3
1. Love Removal Machine
2. Wild Flower
3. Peace Dog
4. Aphrodisiac Jacket
5. Electric Ocean
6. Bad Fun
7. Conquistador
8. Zap City
9. Love Trooper
10. Outlaw
11. Groove Co.
12. Walk My Way

Disc: 4
1. Wild Flower [Extended Rock Mix]
2. Outlaw [Alternate Mix]
3. Wolf Child's Blues
4. Go Go Guru [Rubin Version]
5. Down So Long
6. Soldier Blue [Werman Mix]
7. Zodiac [Demo Version]
8. Yes Man [Demo Version]
9. Citadel [Demo Version]
10. Crystal Ocean [Demo Version]
11. Lay Down Your Gun [Version One] [Demo Version]
12. Bite on the Bullet [Demo Version]
13. Iron Star [Demo Version]
14. Star Child [Demo Version]
15. Messin' Up the Blues

Disc: 5
1. Fire Woman [NYC Rock Mix]
2. Medicine Train
3. New York City [Demo Version]
4. Sweet Soul Sister [Rock's Remix]
5. Bleeding Heart Graffitti
6. River
7. Indian [Early Version] [Demo Version]
8. Spanish Gold [Demo Version]
9. Host Of Angels [Demo Version]
10. Northern Man [Demo Version]
11. Auto [Demo Jam]
12. Red Jesus
13. Join Hands
14. Edie (Ciao Baby) [Acoustic]
15. Love Removal Machine [Live Session]

Disc: 6
1. Faith Healer
2. Full Tilt [Live Session]
3. Earth Mofo [Live Session]
4. Heart of Soul [Acoustic]
5. Witch [Full Version]
6. Coming Down [Put The Boot In]
7. Breathing Out
8. Gone [Degenerate]
9. Down on Me
10. Beauty's on the Street
11. Splurge/Relapse
12. North
13. Sacred High
14. In the Clouds [Edit][Alternate Take]

Disc: 7
1. Resurrection Joe [Long Version]
2. Assault on Sanctuary
3. Love Removal Machine [Extended Version]
4. Wild Flower [Guitar Dub]
5. Soldier Blue [Extended Version]
6. Fire Woman [LA Rock Mix]
7. Witch [Remix]
8. Coming Down [Butchered]
9. Gone [Dub Vocal]
10. Love Removal Machine [Small Soldiers Mix]
11. Resurrection Joe [Hep Cat Mix Long Version]

Each album is a separate download



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